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       Pozomy Federal is an SBA approved Joint Venture that is certified 8(a), combining the services and resources of Capitol Advisors on Technology and Vysnova Partners. Through this agreement, we bring a full spectrum of services as one prime contractor and over 16 years of experience in the Federal government market sector, offering maximum flexibility to meet your technology objectives by offering a single ‘go to’ company to solve your enterprise endeavors. Capitol Advisors on Technology and Vysnova Partners each bring a proven record of delivering innovative solutions and ability to develop close working association with all project stakeholders enables us to solve problems, reduce project costs, and complete the project on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality. Meaning “Attentive”, Pozomy is not just a name; it is our founding principal, our mantra, and our key to success and customer satisfaction. Exceptional performance and signature project management and quality control processes are the basis of our enduring relationships with our clients.

       Capitol Advisors on Technology Capitol Advisors on Technology (CAT) is a seasoned SBA 8(a) certifies small business which delivers full-lifecycle, systemic records and information governance and innovative staff augmentation solutions that ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve mission performance. Our Experience includes working with the federal, private and academic sectors in records management, strategic information, and data governance, project management, health care IT and providing staff to augment management of of programs and projects vital to our clients. We provide administrative as management support, in addition to helping our clients leverage the extensive public sector R&D investments of the defense and civilian community.


      Vysnova Partners teams with both defense and civilian agencies to development and implement government operations and acquisition solutions, as well as global health initiatives. With a diverse team of project managers and subject matter expert to of worked both with and within the federal government, Vysnova develops and delivers successful operational solutions for federal agencies. Whether it’s Zika prevention research with the CDC in Colombia or developing curriculum for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) stateside, Vysnova executes proven solutions so its customers are able to focus on their core missions. As one of the few government contractors with project implementation experience in almost every continent, Vysnova knows how to initiate and conduct business internationally to keep its customer in compliance while advancing the project and the broader mission that it serves.


Pozomy Federal works with the federal research and development community, academic institutions in the private sector in a variety of ways. The types of projects we have assisted our clients with involve developing programs, assessments and studies for the commercialization and management of emerging and existing technologies.


Pozomy Federal has experience working in more than 30 countries worldwide on public health initiatives. With a skilled team of leading researchers of infectious diseases, our staff is at the forefront of the fight against some of the worlds most dangerous health crisis. Built to operationalize our adaptation of PMBOK processes, our process infrastructure assembles Pozomy’s capabilities, supportive business systems, proven management practices, and effective in-country medical research/practical application approaches to deliver research products and enable high-quality healthcare outcomes.


Pozomy Federal provides all the necessary support for managing medical facilities. Our team has over 30 years in GOTS and COTS CAFM programs such as, DMLSS, VistA, AEMS/MERS, Maximo, Builder, iNFADs, VFA, AutoCAD, Drawbase, Business Objects, and RPSS; and we provide a comprehensive approach to developing every aspect of DMLSS-FM databases from data integration, onsite surveys of buildings and rooms, Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE)/Asset tagging to development of requirements, projects, and preventative maintenance programs. We understand the challenges of maintaining healthcare facilities, so we make the process smoother and more efficient – leaving our customers to focus on the important missions at hand.


Our firm provides highly-trained and experienced medical professionals for global health projects around the world. Our team has provided staffing for government projects on almost every continent. With an extensive pool of specialize doctors and nurses, we find the knowledgeable and dedicated staff that our customers and their missions require.


Pozomy operates within a comprehensive PMO process infrastructure that provides both technical processes (e.g. protocol development, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, peer-reviewed publishing) and management processes (e.g. Risk management, procurement) that enable seamless project execution. We utilize a platform of tools like ShareSync, 3CX, and Smartsheet that enable global collaboration and enhance monitoring and oversight of projects using the Cloud and automation. Comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communications Drive collaboration between our clients, U.S. government staff, host-country governments, and NGOs. We specialize in the identification and rapid appointment of hard-to-staff, specialized SME for a wide range of project types. Pozomy employed a comprehensive process infrastructure. The PMO’s capabilities, supporting tools and systems, and integrated suite of processes provide program-wide standardization and automation that enhances international collaboration.


Pozomy Federal has extensive acquisition support to defense and civilian agencies. With a team of practitioners who have worked with and within the federal environment, Pozomy can not only provide strategic guidance but management and administrative support in the acquisition of support services, e.g. supplies and equipment, in accordance with all government regulations and policies.


Pozomy Federal has extensive hands-on Records and Information Management experience. Including assessing the current state of management of records, review and assessment of major business processes and workflows, evaluating file plans agains National Archives and Records Administration approved retention schedules, document conversion and the process of transferring records to an electronic records management system, and development of strategic and operating action plans to manage or outsource RIM support.

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